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Winter Wines

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THE PASSION OF WINE AS ENERGY: A batch of 5 exclusive wines to hit the mark in the winter months. Great ones from Priorat and Montsant at a very preferential price to share with your loved ones.


On the weekend of January 20 and 21 we will celebrate the Encamisada in Falset, a festival of San Antonio Abad, patron saint of animals. On February 3, Saint Blaise, we invoke him to free us from sore throats and colds. We bless the food, especially the traditional fritters that we eat in front of its chapel while we dance Sardanas and drink wine, sweet and rancid wines, that is why we propose a batch of 5 wines, to accompany and enjoy this winter, either at shelter from the best company or alone.

Free sending costs to the Península area. For shipments to other destinations, please contact +34 977 839 810.

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