Nosis 2022


Elaboration: Fermentative cryomaceration at 8 ºC, alcoholic fermentation at 18 ºC in stainless steel containers. Once fermentation is completed, the wine is allowed to rest on fine lees for two months before bottling.

General characteristics: Dry white wine, fresh and fruity. 

Recommendations: Drink at temperatures between 10 ºC and 14 ºC, up to 5 years after elaboration.


Grape varieties: 100% Verdejo.

Type of soil: Terraces over the Duero River. Sandy with rocks on the first horizon, clay on the second one.

Origin: A selection of two vineyards with more than 35 years old. 

Alcohol content: Between 12.5% and 13.5% by vol.

Pairing: A dry, fresh and very fruity white wine. Complex, with notes of tropical fruits: pineapple, mango, passion-fruit. In the mouth it is very well-balanced while having very intense aromas.

It combines well with white and blue fish and seafood. It could be a refreshing accompaniment for all types of appetizers, and it is perfectly paired with rice dishes.

The most suitable cooking methods are baked and grilled fish, but it’s also surprising good with smoked fish. Ideal for rice dishes with fish.


•  International Wine Report, July 2017: 91 Points, 2016 vintage.

•  Vinous Media, January 2017: 90 Points, 2015 vintage.

•  Guia de Monovarietales de España 2016: 90 Points, 2014 vintage.

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