PrioratShop intends to share with everyone the excellence of the Priorat region. In this corner of the world, the terrain and its microclimates give us unique fruits. Its people are heirs of deep traditions that transform them into exquisite products, which you can find in PrioratShop.
Sustainability: All the products that you can find in PrioratShop have their origin in ecological and / or sustainable agriculture and farms. The producers are family initiatives that allow to stop the depopulation and abandonment of the area. In our shipments we try to minimize the use of packaging.
Tradition: PrioratShop producers want to make possible the preservation of knowledge and traditions in the different crops and in the production of products.
Landscape: The landscape of Priorat, with its crops, its forests, its towns and its people is the most precious treasure of Priorat. The activity necessary for the production of these products contributes to their conservation.