Mas Català Red 2017 (Ruddy Cockscomb)


A different wine for every cockscomb

Varieties: 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah

Type of soil: Calcareous soils with good drainage and scarce organic material.

Origin: Grenache and Syrah old vines (more than 20 years) from Catalonia.

Elaboration: Different varieties are separately fermented. Maceration is long, at a temperature from 26ºC to 28ºC, followed by the malic lactic fermentation. Once this process is completed.

General characteristics: Dry red wine with ripe red fruits flavour. Toasted and spicy overtones.

Alcoholic content: 14% by vol.

Recommendations: Drink at temperatures between 13º and 14ºC.

Pairing: Fresh and versatile wine. It pairs well with all kinds of foods, specially with pasta, salads, fleshy fish, rice dishes and mushrooms.


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