Joan Giné White 2020


Elaboration: The different varieties are collected in their best ripening time. They are fermented separately with a starting temperature of 14 ºC. The fermentation takes place into French oak barrels, starting there the bâttonage. After six months of aging, the wine is bottled.

Characteristics: Dry white wine with fruity and floral flavours in combination with a wide palate and big structure. Its complexity shows its prominent character. It has a mineral background, notes of ripe fruit and buttery texture that comes from the bâttonage.

Recommendations: Drink at temperatures between 10 ºC and 14 ºC, up to 10 years after vintage.


Grape varieties: 50% White Grenache, 25% Macabeo, 20%Viognier and 5% Pedro Ximenez and Muscat.

Type of soil: “Llicorella” (slate from the Carboniferous Period).

Origin: Old vines from more than 40 years, located in Gratallops.

Alcohol content: Between 13% and 14% by vol.

Pairing: A fruity, tropical, mature, silky and meaty wine. It combines with all types of fish, particularly with seafood, and also with white meat and green vegetables. Suitable for moderately sweet desserts like puddings and natural fruit, and it is perfect for enjoying it alone! Most appropriate cooking methods: grilling, roasting, steaming and stewing.

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