Black empeltre olives 2.5kg.


IDEAL TO... mix with salads or just eat alone.  

Our black Empeltre olive, comes to us from Aragon region, picked ripe and cured for 12-14 months. It is tender and has a slightly sweet flavor.Our olives are hand harvested and made following traditional method, water, salt and Mediterranean aromatic herbs. 100% Natural.They are cured 3-4 months, are firm with a bitter finish flavor.

 Enjoy our olives alone, or use them as a topping in your pizzas or salads


Ingredients:  Black Empeltre olives from Aragón, salt, water and aromatic herbs.

100% natural product

No preservatives or artificial flavors

Presentation: Glass jars of 220 grams (dry)

Food service size : glass jars of 2.500 grams (dry)

Shelf life: 24months.  

Storage instructions: Please store in an ambient temperature environment for best shelf life results. Once opened put on the fridge.

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